Help Fund Chronic Sex on iFundWomen

help fund chronic sex on ifundwomen

As y’all know, Chronic Sex really began as a passion project and turned into more of the former than the latter.

I am passionate about helping people to live their best lives – sexually, spiritually, emotionally, and more.

The hard part about this is, frankly, that I don’t get paid. As someone who has multiple disabilities, that is really hard to get past now that this is kind of my full-time job.

To help combat that – and to take CS to the next level – I’m raising funds via iFundWomen. I love this site – it’s all about crowdfunding successfully for women. The people in charge are incredibly helpful and accessible and have been working hard with me to get this up and going. I am so beyond grateful for their help and guidance.

By the end of May, I’m looking to raise $15,000. The money comes straight to me and will go towards paying for web hosting, podcast-related services, exploring non-profit status, presenting at/traveling to conferences, and more. This has come incredibly far in the last year, but I know we can go further.

Want to donate or just see a nicely edited video of me? Click here.

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