Study: How Fibromyalgia Impacts Relationships and SEX for Men

'Study: How Fibromyalgia Impacts Relationships and SEX for Men' in white text over a purple background next to a photo of two people's feet intertwining in a bed with white sheets

The University of New Brunswick has been conducting some amazing studies as of late. Currently, they have one looking to understand how fibromyalgia impacts relationships and sexual well-being. This study is specifically looking for males with fibromyalgia. Due to how hard it’s been to find men, they are giving participants $75 CAD.

These researchers are also looking to continue research on sexuality and chronic illnesses or chronic pain conditions. The cool thing about this is that the next step in this study is to interview our partners. I love this.

You can learn more about this group at their site. You can view and download the consent form via PDF here and email that to

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