A Directory of Sex and Disability Speakers

I wish this wasn’t a conversation we had to have in 2017 but, alas, it is.

Many conferences and talks centering on disability don’t include those of us with disabilities. This is especially true when it comes to sex and intimacy centered spaces.

One of the most difficult parts of being a part of a marginalized group like having a chronic illness/pain condition/disability is that we are so often talked *about* without being included in on these conversations. This violates the basic ‘Nothing about us without us’ mantra that so many activists in the disability/illness/pain realm live by. It also serves to eliminate intersectionality when it comes to our experiences.

One barrier to our involvement in conferences and events is that there isn’t always a lot of press around the work we do; additionally, there isn’t one single place people can go to find us.

My pal Kate McCombs and I are aiming to change that. We are creating a directory of people with disabilities who speak on sex, sexuality, and other intimacy-related topics. You can check out those who have already added their names here. If you’d like to add your name, please fill out our Google Form.

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