Episode 8: Niko

Today is the Day Without Immigrants and, as such, it’s time to hear from an amazing immigrant – my friend, Niko. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, Niko is an undocumented immigrant. We talk mostly about myths regarding undocumented people, politics, and empathy. We also touch on the difficulties of living with chronic illnesses.

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Niko and I talk a lot about empathy. Below are some great resources for empathy work:

Please remember that I’m looking for volunteers for transcriptions.

As a note: our chats are now Thursdays at 8 pm Eastern (New York City) Time | 7 pm Central (Chicago) | 6 pm Mountain (Denver) | 5 pm Pacific (Los Angeles) | 4 pm Alaska | 3 pm Hawaii. A new time will be coming soon earlier in the day for those who cannot make it during the above times.

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