Chat Questions: March 23, 2017

Please remember that our chat time has been pushed back an hour to:

  • 8 PM Eastern (NYC)
  • 7 PM Central (Chicago)
  • 6 PM Mountain (Denver)
  • 5 PM Pacific (Los Angeles)

Tonight, we are talking about dealing with high-pain days:

Q1: Please introduce yourself in a way you’re comfortable sharing

Tonight, we’re chatting about dealing with high-pain days.

Q2: What are some of the hardest things for you to do on a high pain day?

Q3: Does it seem like high pain days get in the way of interpersonal communication?

As we talk, be mindful of laws around pain-relieving medications and treatments. Don’t get in trouble.

Q4: Do you feel like your pain is currently being controlled well by your healthcare team?

Q5: What kinds of things have you explored outside of medication to help with pain?

Q6: What shows or movies or music help distract you from pain?

Remember to join us on Twitter using the tag #chronicsex to take part in the conversation. If you don’t use the tag, others can’t see your answers! You’re always welcome to join after the chat has ended as well – we have plenty of people who do this because of life getting in the way.

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