HEART Women & Girls: Launchgood Campaign

HEART Women & Girls is one of my favorite organizations. They are a Muslim-led organization that focuses on promoting sexual health, personal agency, equality, and awareness of sexual violence. By ending the silence of all these issues, we can help to end problems.

They are currently working to raise money in order to grow their virtual library. These beautiful resources are great for everyone, no matter your religious or spiritual background. Check out their birth control FAQs video below:

It’s so important, especially now, for us to support the Muslim community in these endeavors. HEART is a great organization with amazing resources that are so useful to so many. I, for one, am excited to see what amazing resources they come up with next.

What’s on the docket? Videos on anatomy, menstruation, talking to doctors about reproductive/sexual things, pap smears, and more!

Would you like to help donate? Visit HEART’s campaign on Launchgood.


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