NIAW Roundup

We’re rounding out NIAW. I was hoping to bring some personal stories about infertility up this week. Between traveling, my master’s capstone, and other people living their lives and dealing with their illnesses, that didn’t happen.

In lieu of those, here is a roundup of articles and pieces on fertility:

USA TODAY Partners with RESOLVE to Heighten Infertility Awareness

Infertility Awareness Week Reminds Us That 48.5 Million Couples Worldwide Need Fertility Help

National Infertility Awareness Week: A Chance To Support Those Facing Infertility

Infertility: When adoption is not an option

IVF versus adoption: Why ‘just adopt’ is not the answer

Please, Stop Telling Infertile Couples to “Just Adopt”

Arab Americans, African Americans, and infertility: barriers to reproduction and medical care

Is male infertility a social blindspot?

Slavery Segregation and Racism: Trusting the Health Care System Ain’tAlways Easy! An African American Perspective on Bioethics

What “Avengers” got right about Black Widow: Infertility is devastating — even for superheroes

Most Men Know Surprisingly Little About Their Own Fertility

Fertility options for transgender persons

22 Things You Should Know About Fertility

20 Things Transgender People Might Want To Know About Fertility

Cancer and Fertility

Life, Interrupted: A Young Cancer Patient Faces Infertility

How can cancer affect fertility?

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