The Power of Orgasm

Having an orgasm is awesome. I think it’s safe to say that we take them for granted, though.

They’re pretty amazing when you think about it – these little rapid muscular movements, almost spasm-like, that bring about the release of all sorts of chemicals in our bodies.

Before we get into the benefits of orgasm, let’s talk real quick:

It’s important to remember that anorgasmia is a very real condition that does prevent people reaching orgasm. It can affect all genders. There are all sorts of other conditions that can make it difficult to reach orgasm. I always suggest talking to doctors in these kinds of situations.

Additionally, up to 70% of vagina owners often cannot orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone and need some sort of clitoral activity. Keep that in mind because not everyone orgasms the same way.

Five Awesome Benefits to Orgasm

Stress relief

When you orgasm, your body releases more oxytocin. This brings stress levels down and helps you relax. It also can help increase that loving feeling between partners.

(Oxytocin, by the way, is also one of the medications utilized to induce labor in pregnant people! It naturally helps with contractions but also that post-birth bonding.)


This isn’t true for everyone, but orgasms can help with sleep issues, helping us to fall asleep more quickly.

Heart and brain health

With all those hormones being released, this can have a positive effect on your health! Some of these hormones, like DHEA, are supposed to help boost brain function and improve heart health.

Deep breaths

Sexual activity increases better breathing habits. I also breathe better post-orgasm and don’t need to rely on my inhaler as much.

Pain relief

Oh yes, this is my favorite part of orgasms – they can help to relieve pain! This is due to the body releasing oxytocin and other yummy happy feels.

Those whole post actually came about because I had a migraine starting. Instead of hiding like I might have done in the past, I took an extra non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, popped on my Axon Optics, enjoyed two orgasms, and took in a lot of caffeine.

Two hours later and I’ve avoided a full migraine.

Yay orgasms!


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