Trans Wellness Study

Caitlin Merrill from the University of California-Santa Barbara is conducting a study around an internet-based intervention to improve the psychological well-being of trans peeps.

You will be asked to complete a series of online activities, answer questions about wellbeing, including questions about distress and drug and alcohol use, and provide demographic information. Activities may include reading text, reflecting on your previous experiences, responding to open-ended questions, listening to audio recordings, and watching videos. Because some of the activities may require the use of audio and video capabilities, and the personal nature of the questions you will be asked, we recommend completing this study in a private location.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this study, please contact Caitlin Merrill by email ( or Tania Israel by e-mail ( or by phone at (805) 893-5008. If you have any questions regarding the rights of research participants, the UCSB Human Subjects Committee can be contacted at 805-893-3807.

This text was pulled from the study description. If you’re interested in participating, please click here. I will say that the videos used do use text without speaking audio. However, because of that, these videos are not accessible for those with visual difficulties. Other videos with speaking audio rely on the YouTube captioning system, that isn’t exact. If you’d like to participate still, though, please reach out to Caitlin or Tania using the contact information above to inquire about accessible options.

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