Help a Sex Blogger Rebuild from Harvey

Help a Sex Blogger Rebuild from Harvey

Vikki wears a leotard with a ruffly off-shoulder top - she has a pinkish bow in her hair and is also wearing black heels; she is in front of a building with colorful paintings; a purple box has yellow text on top "Help a Sex Blogger Rebuild from Harvey"

Earlier this summer, I stumbled upon Victoria. She blogs at Pretty Pink Lotus Bud. Despite being newer on the scene, she has hosted the Summer 100 Blog Challenge. This helped to bring sex bloggers together in a way where we can talk about rates, issues, blogging, and more.

I didn’t manage my 100 posts over the summer here but have enjoyed taking part.

She’s working so hard to create change and was starting to take off. Then Hurricane Harvey hit. Needless to say, she’s lost so much over the last few weeks.

In order to help Vikki get back on her feet, the amazing Dangerous Lilly has set up a YouCaring page. If you are a sex blogger, educator, or in the industry and donate $25+, both Lilly and Ducky Doolittle will set up a link to your site.

Regardless, Vikki – a single mom with three kids – needs help. Please donate if you can, and share.

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