Off to Woodhull

[photo of a person with short dark hair; overlays of the Woodhull graphic and a white text "#SFS17" | pink overlay with white text reads "disability, illness, & pain don't remove sexuality from our lives. Sexuality doesn't depend on ABILITY -Kirsten Schultz"]

I’m heading to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit for the next few days.

Hedonish and I will be presenting Saturday morning on how pain disorders can affect our sex lives – as well as how to counter that.

I’m incredibly grateful to the SFS17 sponsors as well as The Woodhull Foundation for having us.

Make sure to follow along on our Instagram, Twitter, and the #SFS17 hashtag across social media. If you’re attending, too, make sure to say hi!

Off to HealtheVoices 2017

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Update on MedX Schedule

Hi all, Quick update that there has been a slight change to the MedX schedule. I will NOT be presenting today (Thursday 9-15) BUT will be presenting on Sunday at 2:20 PM. This is not live-streamed but I will aim to have someone record it. I definitely invite you to still tune into the live-feed […]

Dreaming of California

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Peeps! I’m conducting a study for Chronic Sex since, you know, I have to present at Stanford soon. Yeah, the nerves are hitting. Can you help me out and fill out the anonymous Survey Monkey here? I love you bunches!