Vibrant Memorial Weekend Sale

Our affiliate, Vibrant, is having a sale this weekend! You can save 25% off your entire purchase when you use the code SUMMER2017.

You have through Monday to snag your goodies!

Remember – all proceeds from Vibrant go to support Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

With the current political climate and funding issues they’re encountering, they need our support more than ever. They’re closing several clinics, including the one location they had in Wyoming – which is now the second state after North Dakota to be without a single Planned Parenthood. Colorado is losing two clinics and New Mexico is losing three.

Featured on US News!

On Monday, I got a note on Twitter from Anna looking for people to talk to about chronic pain, dating, and love. By yesterday, I was featured on US News. How cool is that? Check it out: Love: a Powerful Solution to Chronic Pain


#IAmAPreExistingCondition – it’s a hashtag and a movement. Many people are flocking to social media and writing platforms to share their concerns over the AHCA. Celebrities, patient activists, and others have been sharing how their conditions or lives will be affected. Groups are even starting video projects in order to help abled people understand what those of us […]

May is Masturbation Month!

Masturbation. There’s no better way to learn what we do and don’t like. But what else can masturbation do for us? Relieve pain Improve sleep Relieve stress Better immune system function Enhanced cognitive function Improved self-esteem Relieve muscle tension Plus, have you ever seen what it does to your brain? Cause it’s kind of amazing {gif […]