Peepshow Toys: Summertime Blues Site Wide Sale

Our friends at Peepshow Toys are running a great sale for Labor Day starting today through the 4th.

The more you spend, the more you save!

Use BLUES10 to save $10 off any order over $50.

BLUES15 saves you $15 off orders over $75.

You can save $20 off $100+ orders with BLUES20.

Save $50 off orders over $220 with BLUES50.

May is Masturbation Month!

Masturbation. There’s no better way to learn what we do and don’t like. But what else can masturbation do for us? Relieve pain Improve sleep Relieve stress Better immune system function Enhanced cognitive function Improved self-esteem Relieve muscle tension Plus, have you ever seen what it does to your brain? Cause it’s kind of amazing {gif […]

Are you a nasty woman?

A few weeks ago, Crave had a great buy-one-get-one deal on Vespers. I have been dying to get one since watching Kate McCombs wear hers around as a gorgeous necklace and conversation piece. When I saw this deal also including free engraving of the phrase ‘Nasty Woman’ on it? I jumped at the chance. While […]