Review: Calice from Fun Factory

Disclosure: As a Fun Factory affiliate, I receive sex toys each month in exchange for my honest review of them. This system in no way affects my opinions of these products. This review has affiliate links.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Calice :

First, let’s check some facts.

The Calice is made of silicone, so don’t use silicone or oily lubes as they can degrade the toy/change the consistency of the material. It’s also totally waterproof which I love. It charges through a USB cord that connects magnetically to the bottom of the device.

For those interested in stats, the Calice is 6.5 inches long and 1.4 inches in diameter. There are also six different vibration types along with six different intensities.

I’ll be real – I chose this vibrator because of the unique shape it has. It’s enough like a dildo, the top like the head of a penis. Still, the interesting shape at the top and front was intriguing. It actually made it very easy to add lube as I was able to slide the lube down the notch in the shaft.

When I opened this up, I really was most excited for the cut-out at the top. I hope that it would make this a great tool for clitoris stimulation – and I wasn’t let down. That made it great not only for targeting the clit, but the nipples and even for edging (if you haven’t tried edging, I certainly highly suggest it). The dildo-like shape, combined with the soft material, really made this an exciting toy to use, too.

I honestly became turned on just by thinking about using this toy after the first use. It’s the first sex toy I’ve gotten turned on by before using! Since I have some arousal issues, that’s saying a lot, too!

As a vagina-haver, I’m unsure how this would work for penis-havers, but this seems like a toy that would very easily stimulate the prostate from the outside via the perineum/taint. The lack of a flared base means anal play is a little risky with this toy. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for anal play on your own, but it could potentially be okay with a partner.

calice buttons

Because of my systemic juvenile arthritis, my hands don’t always work well – especially in awkward positions like using a vibrator. I love the shape of this vibrator, though. It’s easy to hold and the buttons to change vibration and intensity are accessible while using this toy. The buttons aren’t in the way enough where I accidentally changed anything I didn’t mean to, either, which is nice.

The power is great, even on some rough fibromyalgia days. For those unfamiliar, fibro can make common sensations – even clothing – hurt. When I’m having a fibro day, I can’t be touched, wear clothing, or even have contact with rougher surfaces. Since the Calice is so soft – and easy to control with regards to sensation and intensity – it’s the only vibrator I’ve been able to use during a fibro day that didn’t cause more pain.

All in all, this toy was incredibly accessible for me. The Fun Factory lubricant combined with the toy’s effectiveness, unique shape, easy button-based controls, and power really have turned me on to more vibrators. I highly suggest it for those who enjoy dildos, vibrators, and uniquely shaped sex toys.

You can shop the general Fun Factory site using my affiliate link or go right to the Calice. Shopping using these two affiliate links is a great way to support Chronic Sex in addition to getting yourself something fun.

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