This Week’s Chat is Wednesday, June 8!

This week, we’re doing a special chat! I am hosting #SpoonieChat for our dear friend Dawn. #SpoonieChat occurs on Wednesdays beginning at 8 pm Eastern (NYC) Time and running for two hours.

Our questions for this week will be based on gathering a better understanding of how sex is discussed for us chronic illness peeps:

Since we are doing a crossover with Spoonie Chat, please use the tag #spooniechat tonight. Note that there will be no #chronicsex tomorrow (June 9) then.

Q1: Please introduce yourself in a way you’re comfortable sharing.

Q2: How much do you feel your illness has affected your self-love, relationships, and sex life?

Q3: Have you found any activities, exercises, or resources to help with these issues?

The next questions ask for some imaginative thinking – put on your thinking caps!

Q4: Imagine you’re 20. What advice would you want to get on these subjects with illness?

Q5: Imagine you’re 50. What advice would you give to your child about these issues?

Q6: If you could have dinner with any famous person with an illness or disability, who would it be and why?

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