Movies That Make Us Feel Good

Many things in our lives can have an effect on or influence how we regard ourselves – our relationships, societal expectations, and the media we consume.

Today, let’s explore some of our favorite feel-good movies.

Tasha says something about singing as a super villain is empowering.

Netty wants her own Baymax to take care of her, and I do, too!

Erik says it’s the perfect distraction from worries.

Kit says this is because of its innocent hopefulness.

Shaunia says this is due to how hilarious it is.

Chelsea says that she loves how the movie acknowledges that everyone has particular quirks, and that love and friendship are all about finding the people who fit your quirks. She also loves how the good deeds evolved.

Julie suggested this and I totally agree!

What are some of your favorite feel-good movies?

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