Chat Questions for August 25, 2016

Tonight, we’re talking about finding and using our voice with loved ones.


Q1: Please introduce yourself in a way you’re comfortable sharing

Tonight, we’re going to talk about finding our voice in any relationship. Keep in mind that when I say ‘loved ones’ that can mean whatever it needs to for you – partners, family, friends, etc.

Q2: Do you feel like you can vocalize needs, wants, and concerns with loved ones?

Q3: Do you feel supported in regards to your health, your self-esteem, and the like by your loved ones?

Q4: When a loved one makes a judgmental or hurtful comment, are you able to stand up for yourself?

Q5: Do you have any tips for how to deal with judgmental comments or not let them get to you?

Q6: What is your favorite thing about the changing of seasons coming up?

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