How to Enjoy Sex Toys Safely: 4 Healthy Hints

Few things can bring more joy and excitement to the bedroom than a sex toy. From vibrators with multiple settings to anal plugs, these items not only help you receive the health benefits of sex in a fun way – they can help you discover more about yourself and how you orgasm. However, it is important to use adult toys in a way that is both pleasurable and safe, and there are several ways to keep yourself healthy while you enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

Be Savvy About Materials  

The sex toy industry is not heavily regulated, so when you shop, it is important that you understand which materials are safe. This is especially essential when it comes to toys that are made to be inserted into the vagina or anus. Look for products made from silicone, unbreakable glass, or other hypoallergenic materials. Be wary of inexpensive jelly toys which can break down inside the body and may cause irritation, chemical burns, and more. Make sure to check out Dangerous Lilly’s resource on toxic toys.

Clean Items Thoroughly  

You may think giving your adult toys a quick rinse and wipe after use is enough to keep them clean, but bacteria might linger. Toys that are not properly cleaned can cause bacterial and vaginal yeast infections that can be passed on to your partner. Clean your items thoroughly after each use with spray, gel, or wipes made specifically to disinfect adult toys. It’s important to also store them in a cool, dry space afterward. Several stores have antimicrobial storage bags or boxes.

Penetrate Wisely

Whether enjoying time alone or playing with a partner, being smart about penetration can help keep you safe and healthy. Speed and depth are both factors, so be sure to experiment with new toys and take time to discover how to insert them comfortably. For example, if you want to experience an anal bullet vibrator for the first time, purchase it during the weekend or during a time when you have time to explore it properly and safely. Go slowly and use a lot of lube. Regardless of experience, make sure to use toys with a flared base, especially if you’re alone. You can even snag flared base add-ons.

Learn About Lube

Lube can provide a measure of comfort during sex play, especially if you are new to items that provide deep penetration. However, not all lube is created equal. You should avoid using lotion or other skin care products on your adult toys, as this may damage them or cause them to degrade. Try using water-based lube that is easy to rinse away, especially on silicone items.

Using sex toys in the bedroom can be fun and exciting, but only if you know how to use them safely. Keep your items clean, play with thoughtful partners, and choose trusted brands as a part of a safe and healthy sex life.

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