Sexual Dysfunction Isn’t Just a Dude Issue

Our amazing friends at sent this graphic on sexual dysfunction our way. Sexual dysfunction, especially among females and others, is incredibly under-discussed.

When it comes to problems with intimacy and sexual relations, men often get the focus—why they can’t find pleasure in sex and what’s inhibiting their satisfaction. But women experience problems with sex even more so than men. It may range from disinterest in sex itself to difficulty, even pain, in reaching climax. Even so, many women don’t feel comfortable talking about problems they might be having.

That’s too bad, because there might be concrete physical reasons why women don’t feel pleasure in sex. Their hormone levels may have decreased, leading to physical changes in the body that affect sex. They may have a chronic physical or mental condition that also inhibits sexual pleasure. But there are steps that women can take to help them improve their sexual relations, from eating better to practicing yoga and talking about issues with a professional. This graphic is a good place to start.

Not Just a Man’s World Sexual Dysfunction Among Women

How do you deal with sexual dysfunction?

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