Calling for Chronic Sex Podcast Guests!

Do YOU want to be featured on the Chronic Sex podcast?

Yep, I’m finally getting my butt in gear.

If you’d like to come on, all I ask is that you email me here ( with the topic(s) you’re interested in discussing. We’ll talk a little bit from there and I’ll send you a link to the call scheduling site where you’ll pick a 90-minute time slot for me to call you in.

We may not talk for the whole time, but hey – who knows!

You can choose to be public about your appearance, share only your first name with the audience, or go by a pseudonym/initial. I know that many people have careers or families that don’t always embrace such public speaking about some taboo subjects. I would also love if you let me know any topics you want to avoid or triggers you may have.

Basically, I want you to feel as comfortable, amazing, and loved as possible.

I am so excited to get this going and we really have some fantastic guests lined up already. I hope that you can be one of them, too!

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