Love Your Cervix!

The cervix is that cute little friend in the picture above. Essentially, it is tissue that creates a neck (for lack of a better term) between the uterus and the vagina.

There are many different kinds of issues that the cervix can face – cervical cancer, infections, polyps, erosion/abrasion, endometriosis, chronic pain, and more.

January is all about cervical health – most specifically related to cervical cancer. Take care of you. Make sure to visit your healthcare teams or Planned Parenthoods for testing and regular exams. If you are between 21-65, you should be getting a pelvic exam every 1-3 years depending on your personal health, risk, and other factors.

Additionally, consider the HPV vaccine. HPV is one of the growing causes of cancers that not only affect the cervix but also the anus, vulva, penis, throat, and other conditions. If you and/or your partner are non-monogamous? Protect yourself.

Want to see real cervices or learn how to check out your own? Check out the Beautiful Cervix Project. Do note there is a lot of talk of pregnancy.

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