February is Rare Disease Month

february is rare disease month

Rare Disease Day was started in the early 2000s with the goal of raising awareness of rare diseases around the world. While RDD is February 29th – because it’s also rare! – or the 28th on non-leap-years, the whole month of February is Rare Disease Month. Between Europe and the US, over 60 million people live with a rare disease.

This year’s theme is research.

Many rare diseases face a lack of specialists who even know about these diseases which means getting a diagnosis is really difficult. Additionally, a lack of effective treatments means that diseases can progress quickly, causing pain and all sorts of life-threatening issues.

When you take into account the above, it’s no surprise that cost becomes an issue as well. This makes even more sense when you learn that nearly 80% of rare diseases have a genetic cause.

You can get involved with Rare Disease Day or find an event near you at rarediseaseday.org or rarediseaseday.us.

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