It’s National Orgasm Day

black background with a white flower, green stem, and large stamen; white text above states "It's National Orgasm Day" and white text below: "chronic sex"

It’s National Orgasm Day!

Check out the below articles on orgasms. Please note, though, they’re likely to be cisheteronormative (sorry).

5 Surprising Facts About The Female Orgasm

8 Facts About The Female Orgasm Everyone Should Know

8 Fun Facts About Orgasms for National Orgasm Day

11 Orgasms A Trans Woman Can Have

11 Reasons You Should Be Having More Orgasms

15 Scientific Facts About Orgasm

18 Facts About Female Orgasms Every Woman (And Man) Should Know

35 Eye-Opening Facts About Orgasms {gifs in link}

How Trans Women Are Reclaiming Their Orgasms

The Power of Orgasm

Go forth and celebrate!

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