Ways to Help with Earthquake Relief

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I know that so many of us have been focused on recovery post-hurricanes. Right now, though, Mexico also needs our help.

On September 7th, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake ripped through Chiapas and Oaxaca. On the 19th, a 7.1 magnitude quake shook areas near Mexico City – and affected areas already hit on the 7th.

Brigada de Rescate Topos (website currently down) goes into fallen buildings to help get people – dead or alive – out. You can send them money via PayPal using the email donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org.

You can buy goods from Amazon for the Mexican Red Cross’ wishlist.

Project Paz, a non-profit with roots in NYC and El Paso, TX, is collecting donations to help with recovery efforts.

Direct Relief is working in the area.

Salma Hayek is raising money for UNICEF’s relief efforts.

You can donate through GoFundMe campaigns or YouCaring, too. Some notable campaigns:

I realize the featured photo looks so happy. I got to visit Mexico earlier this year and took this beautiful photo right before leaving. My family has always had strong ties to Mexico, and these earthquakes break my heart.

Updated September 22

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