Review: The Doxy Massager, My New Lover

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Disclaimer: I was given the Doxy Massager for free in exchange for my honest review.

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve never had a wand-type toy. Everything I’ve had is either a vibrator, dildo, or epic combination of the two. I wanted one but could never seem to justify spending that kind of money on myself.

I just want to say that, thanks to Doxy, I get it. They gave several massagers to sex bloggers attending Woodhull in August. It’s taken me this long to write up my review because… well, I had fun testing.

Product Deets

The wand plugs into an outlet using a built-in AC adapter. The 12-foot cord means you shouldn’t run into too many problems with that, though. The top speed is 9,000 RPM which is, uh, intense. This means, though, that this is not a submergeable toy. Please don’t bathe with it!

It’s just over a foot long and under 3 inches wide, aside from the head which is 7.5 inches. The body on this particular one is plastic with the head made from PVC. I haven’t experimented, but the head can accommodate any magic wand attachments.

From an accessibility standpoint, this toy is exceptional. There are many toy mounts and pillows out there to help you get in the right position with this wand. While this is a slightly heavier toy at around 2 pounds, it’s relatively easy to move. The buttons are in a great spot and are straightforward – on/off, increase, decrease.

It’s also great to note that wands can be used for many things outside of sex. When I’m having a rough back day, hubs will give me a back massage and use the Doxy to loosen up tight spots. Even my acupuncturist recommends people get one!

Okay, he recommends everyone learn how to masturbate properly, too. We get along super well.


I started the testing process on this toy within two hours of picking it up. I went back to my hotel room at Woodhull and got to work. Initially, I started working on neck knots and one thing led to another. After a nap, I was ready to head back to the conference itself.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that I orgasm very quickly from this wand. Like, wow, I have to work in some edging work if I want to last longer than two minutes. After struggling for a while with orgasms (thanks, multiple antidepressants!), it’s a nice problem to have. Even on days where other masturbation techniques don’t quite get me there, the Doxy does.

The motor in this wand is extremely powerful that direct clitoral stimulation is a bit much for me. I’ve found it much more comfortable to grind against the wand or push it up against that sweet spot between the vulva and vaginal opening. It’s great for foreplay, too, when used around the thighs, nipples, and other erogenous zones. I found it easy to hold and maneuver as long as I used my stronger dominant hand.

I’m super excited to start exploring some of the wand attachments out there, too. It’s a very new thing for me to get turned on looking at sex toy accessories, but damn.

If there’s one downside, it’s that it can get a little loud on some of the higher settings. I don’t know many things that can get up to 9,000 RPM and be completely silent, so it’s worth the noise.


Each person is different, but I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love the Doxy. If you are looking for a reliable toy that can do double duty and give you some relief from chronic pain and muscle tension, there is literally no better thing out there than this wand. It’s accessible, beautiful, and has a permanent place by my bedside.

You can get the Doxy from most sites. If you snag one from Vibrant, remember that proceeds from your sale help fund the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains! You can snag this wand in black, white, pink, or purple.

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