Review: The Queen Bee from Hot Octopuss

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The amazing people over at Hot Octopuss gave me the Queen Bee for free in exchange for an honest review.

Technology brings us the most amazing things sometimes. The Queen Bee is one of them. I just finished testing it and I’m honestly a bit speechless, so let’s just dive right in.

Product Deets

Queen Bee is two-sided in the best way.

front view of Hot Octopuss' Queen Bee - grey hairbrush-shaped sex toy against a grey and white chevron quilt - the brush-resembling portion is smooth with buttons and a charging spot on the handle

One side is massage-oriented, delivering nice vibrations without being too overwhelming. You’ll also find the controls and charging spot on the handle on this side.

back view of Hot Octopuss' Queen Bee - grey hairbrush-shaped sex toy against a grey and white chevron quilt - the hairbrush resembling portion has an oval set apart by an outline

The other side has what really makes Queen Bee different – their multi-award winning PulsePlate Technology™ that delivers more powerful oscillations.

There are six vibration patterns to choose from. With two sides and several intensity settings, this gives you a fun list of combinations to play with. The Queen Bee is also completely waterproof!

Queen Bee charges using a magnetic USB cord, maximizing your pleasure if you care about the earth. You can run it for up to an hour on one charge, too, which is nice. It takes about four hours to fully charge.

It’s 9.5 inches long and is made of TPE/TPR. Hot Octopuss suggests using a water-based lubricant if you pick this up. Make sure to clean after each use!


From an accessibility standpoint, Queen Bee is pretty great. It’s ergonomic in design and pretty light. It’s easy to access the control and change anything. I really enjoyed it from that aspect as there aren’t many toys out there that are relatively easy for me to use without interrupting the fun. That said, the controls aren’t necessarily intuitive. I’ve found myself switching vibration patterns instead of increasing the intensity. I usually struggle with this, though, and didn’t find it to be much of a deterrent.

It’s a little loud. Hot Octopuss rates this at under 55 decibels, which is about what a fridge or air conditioner sounds like in your home. It’s not the toy for you if you’re looking for something incredibly quiet and discrete.

In order to really get the full effect from the pulse plate, I had to actively separate my labia and set the toy against it. When trying to snag clitoral stimulation from other toys, I have been able to get away with not doing that. The other side, though, was able to bring fun sensations regardless of where I set it.

An orgasm was fairly easy either way, though slightly less so if I was squirming and needed to recenter the pulse plate side. All in all, I wasn’t turned off by that. It’s kind of fun to tease yourself sometimes. Plus, with how easy it was to move and control Queen Bee, having to put in a little more effort there wasn’t an issue.


If you’re looking for something discrete, quiet, or insertable, Queen Bee isn’t something you’ll be happy with in the end. Don’t get me wrong – I like it – but not everyone does.

As a vulva owner, I enjoyed the Queen Bee. It’s certainly worth taking a look at getting your hands on one. It’s versatile, different, and sleek. I can also see how it would be a great toy regardless of gender, too, because it’s very similar to wand massagers but lighter and easier to control.

You can snag the Queen Bee from Hot Octopuss or from my affiliates Peepshow Toys and SheVibe.

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