My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

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Let me tell you a secret – I listen to a lot of podcasts. On an average day, I listen to probably 3-4 episodes from various people. If you’re looking for fun podcasts to check out, here are a few of mine.

This Podcast Will Kill You

This podcast is my new obsession! It’s hosted by two Erins who both are graduate students studying disease ecology. Each episode, they share information about a new infectious disease. They cover the cover the biology, transmission, epidemiological history, patient and providers stories, and more. They even create quarantinis – drinks to go with each episode. As a giant science nerd – especially for disease stuff – this is one of my favorite things to listen to. They treat the patient stories with a lot of reverence and respect, something that gives me a ton of hope for the future.

Find them on Twitter, FacebookPodbean, iTunes, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Wine and Crime

Wine and Crime is a podcast where three friends chug wine, chat true crime, and use their worst Minnesotan accents. One of the things I love is that they cover a range of crimes from road rage to murder and more. Plus, they pair each crime category with a wine – how fun is that? They’re amazing at talking about victims’ lives, calling out patriarchal bullshit (“fucking patriarchy”), and highlight the importance of taking care of your mental health. Each gal has her own amazing personality and, together, they create a setting that just makes you feel like you’re listening to friends – even through the hardest subjects.

Make sure to check out their website, Facebook, Twitter. You can catch the show on SoundCloud, iTunes, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

This Podcast is Haunted

TPIH was one of the first spooky podcasts I found. After listening for two episodes, I became hooked for life. Cate is… basically me, making copious amounts of dick jokes and laughing loudly. Jen is basically T, a little quieter but gets really into it. I’m really lucky in that I’ve gotten to interact with them a bunch, and they’re both incredibly kind and super fun. If you like spooky things with a cupful (ha!) of awesomeness, hurry and check them out!

Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and IG. You can listen to them on Podbean, iTunes, and more.

All Killa No Filla

Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean are comedians in the UK who are fascinated by crimes, especially murder. They make sure to highlight in each episode that this is not to glorify criminals, and they recognize how harmful some podcasts can be in swooning all over murderers. Instead, Rachel and Kiri use their humor to discuss these crimes, highlight issues of police inaction and under-action, and more. Plus, I really just love their accents.

Check their Twitter and Facebook, and catch their episodes on Stitcher, iTunes, and more.


Like Rachel and Kiri, Lucy and Emma love to talk about murder. As teachers in the UK, they don’t get to that often. Their podcast discusses crime, murder, education, politics, and a lot more. Through supporting their Patreon, you can vote on topics for the shorter episodes they put out called Slash n Dash. They really do a lot via Patreon, so I definitely recommend it.

Visit their Twitter and Instagram. You can catch their episodes on Podbay, iTunes, and other spots.

Smithsonian Sidedoor

Sidedoor takes a look behind the scenes at one of my favorite gigantic institutions – the Smithsonian. Subjects on episodes they’ve had include rapper J Dilla, Fiona the baby hippo, the Tulsa race riots, lesbian feminists at the beginning of the civil rights movement, Muslims at the start of America, and so much more. Each story is connected to the Smithsonian in an interesting way, too. I highly suggest starting with the Fiona episode because it’s absolutely fascinating. The amount of work it took to get that sweet baby girl to her first birthday in the last two weeks is astounding.

Catch Sidefoor on iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever else you listen. Don’t forget to check out their site.

And That’s Why We Drink

Each week, Em and Christine – a queer pal and a chronically chill chick – share reasons why they drink. Em is partial to milkshakes while Christine loves her wine. After checking in with each other, Em shares a paranormal story and Christine shares one laced with true crime. Once a month, they share listener stories, too. They’re pretty fun to listen to – plus, Christine’s puppy Gio is the subject of a million and one conversations. He is adorable.

Make sure to catch their show on iTunes, Spotify, and elsewhere. For adorable Gio pictures, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their site.

Mirths and Monsters

The first thing you have to know about MandM is that it’s run by Kevin. He’s a super supporter of And That’s Why We Drink which is how I found his podcast. He and his companion dog Finn (so cute) take a less-than-serious look at mythical creatures and legends. Kev also shares original stories in addition to interviewing mythical creatures. And it’s all done in his amazing Scottish accent.

Check out the show on Podbean, iTunes, and other spots. Make sure to visit Kev on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Myths and Legends

Jason started M&L because of his love of English lit, history, and folklore. He’s covered a lot, from Greek and Roman myths to true stories of Apache warriors. One of my favorite parts, though, is that Jason tells stories like I do, bringing them into the present a little more than they usually are. It’s really fun, and one of my favorite things to listen to when I can’t sleep. He has another one called Fictional where he reads things like Macbeth.

Follow M&L on Twitter, check out their site, and catch episodes on iTunes or wherever else you listen.

True Crime Obsessed

TCO has one of the coolest premises – they watch documentaries around true crimes and talk about them. It’s super fun! One of my favorite things is that Patrick and Gillian are both into the theater which means we usually break into song about the same time in each episode. Some episodes are sad, some make you mad, and others are just hilarious.

Visit their site, Facebook page, or Twitter. You can catch episodes on iTunes, Audioboom, and more.

Women at Warp

WaW is a podcast that discusses Star Trek in its many forms, touching on feminist and social justice issues. I’m one of those people that have to be in the right mindset to listen, so I don’t always listen to them as often as I should. Episodes I’ve been meaning to catch include those covering sexual agency, LGBTQ+ issues, indigenous representation, and Klingon women. They have a wonderful one on disability, and I hope they’ll come back to that topic soon.

You can catch episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you snag podcasts. Make sure to check out their site, Facebook page, and Twitter, too!

There are other great podcasts out there for sure. What are some of yours?

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