Heading to ACR

This afternoon, I board the first of two flights on my way to San Diego for the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting!

I’m incredibly excited to be attending this year. It’ll be my first year there. I’m unsure what exactly to expect. I’ll be covering sessions I attend here, when relevant. Sadly, there is no sex session this year – go figure!

If you’re in San Diego, hit me up! I leave Wednesday morning but would love to see you in the meantime.

Off to Woodhull

I’m heading to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit for the next few days.

Hedonish and I will be presenting Saturday morning on how pain disorders can affect our sex lives – as well as how to counter that.

I’m incredibly grateful to the SFS17 sponsors as well as The Woodhull Foundation for having us.

Make sure to follow along on our Instagram, Twitter, and the #SFS17 hashtag across social media. If you’re attending, too, make sure to say hi!

Off to HealtheVoices 2017

I’m heading to Chicago for the weekend for HealtheVoices 2017!

Chicago is one of my favorite places, so I’m excited to spend some time there with some of my favorite health activists in the entire world. It will also be great to see many of my Joint Decisions friends for the first time since our October summit.

Since I’m at the end of my master’s capstone writing, I may not get a recap up as quickly as I did last year. Still, I’m excited to be able to share things I learn with everyone else via the interwebs.

PS: Janssen is paying my travel expenses for this conference. All thoughts and opinions expressed here or on social media are my own and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of Janssen or Johnson and Johnson. 

Dreaming of California

Dreaming of California


Hi, lovebugs!

I’m excited to share that you can tune into two places coming up to hear about the upcoming For Grace conference that I am a part of – and to hear me talk a little more about my role in it!

On Sunday, September 11, at 4 pm Pacific Time, you can tune into KPFK to hear me and others on Access Unlimited. If you missed it, please check out their archives.

You can also tune into Change Is In the Air with Nicole Smith on 740 AM (KBRITE) at 8 PM Pacific Time on Monday, September 12. (I’m pretty sure that’s the date, though it may be the following Monday).

If you want to check out my presentation on Chronic Sex at Medicine X, sign up to live-stream it here. We haven’t been given a schedule for the day, yet, but I’m speaking on Thursday, September 15, at the Health Care Innovation (HCI) event.

You can also live-stream For Grace.

With all that said… Things will be a little quiet around here until the end of September between attending Medicine X at Stanford and For Grace in Los Angeles a week later. Because of the busy conference month and traveling, we won’t be having chat until the first week of October.

The bonus of putting chat off a little bit is that I have several episodes of the podcast recorded and just waiting for me to mix and edit, so I’ll be able to dedicate more time to that. A giveaway is also coming soon – stay tuned for details!

Feel free to utilize the #chronicsex tag on Twitter to share any meaningful stories or information you’d like others to see or tag us on whatever social media you use if you’d like things shared on a wider basis. Our social media pages will still be actively posting information, providing support, and sharing about traveling, though, so don’t be a stranger!

Not sure where to find us?

You can also always reach me at kirsten@chronicsex.org, too.

PS we now have a Zazzle store! Please note that you have to set the content filter to moderate because, shocker, the word ‘sex’ can’t be a G-rated term. Whoops!