Research Opportunity: Poll on HRT and Top/Bottom Surgery

Research Opportunity: Poll on HRT and Top/Bottom Surgery

Charlie, one of my favorite people ever, is currently running a poll on HRT and top/bottom surgery for an upcoming presentation.

The following is from Charlie:

This is a two part poll for those who have experience trying to access hormones and or top/bottom surgery. The purpose of the poll is to collect some quick community data for my MedX Ed presentation on the informed consent vs World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care, and it will remain open until Thursday (24th). Please feel free to share amongst your networks so that as much of the trans community’s experience can be represented as possible. I also encourage you to respond to the poll with your comments, thoughts, and concerns about the standards/models so that they can be reflected in the talk/Q&A portion.

You can find the poll on Charlie’s Twitter. Part 1 on HRT is here and part 2 on top/bottom surgery is here.

Study- Ubisoft and Gaming Accessibility

Study: Ubisoft and Gaming Accessibility

Ubisoft – the company behind games like Assassin’s Creed, the Tom Clancy games, and the two newer South Park games – is looking to gather information on how they can make gaming more accessible to those of us who deal with disabilities or chronic conditions. Want to help Ubisoft make gaming more accessible? Click here.

Debbie Talks About Going 'Flat' on CBS

Debbie Talks About Going ‘Flat’ on CBS

Back in October, our pal Debbie wrote a guest piece about what it is really like to live with breast cancer and her choice to not undergo breast reconstruction surgery. This morning, Debbie and some of her fabulous friends were featured on CBS’ Sunday Morning! They talked about their choices to remain flat and how their journeys have led […]

Study: Death and Death Practices

Study: Death and Death Practices

A dear friend of the site, Felix, is working on gathering information for one of his classes about death and death practices. It’s a very short survey, but an important one to take. Can you help Felix out? Click here.