Survey: Experiences Related to Sexual Orientation

Emma – a friend of a friend – is working on her Ph.D. She’s currently researching how our sexual orientation affects our life experiences. This particular survey asks questions about sexual orientation, stigma around that, and health.

I took this and it was really easy. This survey takes about half an hour to finish. It’s anonymous and. At the end, you can enter your email to win an Amazon gift card!

Click here to help out with this academic research.

'Study: How Fibromyalgia Impacts Relationships and SEX for Men' in white text over a purple background next to a photo of two people's feet intertwining in a bed with white sheets

Study: How Fibromyalgia Impacts Relationships and SEX for Men

The University of New Brunswick has been conducting some amazing studies as of late. Currently, they have one looking to understand how fibromyalgia impacts relationships and sexual well-being. This study is specifically looking for males with fibromyalgia. Due to how hard it’s been to find men, they are giving participants $75 CAD. These researchers are also looking […]