Chat Questions 5-26-2016

We have some exciting updates to share!

Chronic Sex now has its own Twitter and Instagram accounts! You can find both under @chronicsexchat. All of the chat questions will now come from the CS Twitter account instead of a personal account.

We’re also always looking for guest posts or anyone who may regularly want to blog – anonymously or publicly – here. We’re also looking for guests for our upcoming podcast! Make sure to email kirsten -at- chronicsex -dot- org if you’re interested.


Without further ado, here are this week’s chat questions:

Our questions for tonight center around sex:

Q1: Please introduce yourself in a way you’re comfortable sharing

Q2: Do your HCPs (health care providers – nurses, docs, etc) ever ask questions about your sex life?

Q3: Do you feel that your HCPs could answer any sexy questions you may have?

Q4: What questions about sex and illness/disability would you like to see addressed?

Q5: If you could give advice to a college student with your condition (or your younger self) RE sex, what would it be?

Q6: Here in the US, it’s just about Memorial Day weekend. Do you have any fun long-weekend plans?

And please don’t forget to support our upcoming podcast! This is my last week in my day job because I’m working on taking CS full time. A little support would definitely go a long way!

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