Chronic Sex Podcast

Happy May friends!

I am currently leaving my job to take some time off to deal with some self-care issues.

Go figure, right?

The coolest part about this is that it allows me to work on a number of additional projects and ideas that have recently fallen to the side.

Like the Chronic Sex podcast.

That’s right! If you are addicted to podcasts like I am, you can soon get your fill of self-love, self-care, relationship, and sexuality issues relating to chronic illnesses and disabilities through your phone!

This will be a podcast that comes out every other week. The topics will alternate between Chronic Sex one week to general chronic illness and disability issues with our friend Kristin Coppens the next session for a segment we’ll call The Chronic Ks.

Would you like to assist in getting this project off the ground? Come check out our Kickstarter!

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