Questions for 4-28-2016

Hi all!

Due to illness, I didn’t do a great job this past week of writing up the questions ahead of time. Oops!

In order to be more accessible, I’m listing the questions in text-form below as well. 

Since this is post-chat, though, I have included some pieces of discussions from the Twitter chat or the private/secret Facebook group. If you would like to join that group, click here to friend me. Then send me a message about joining. You don’t have to stay friends with me, but it would sure be fun!

Q1: Please introduce yourself in a way you’re comfortable sharing.

Q2: What do you find the most frustrating about your illnesses and relationships?

People tend to protect themselves, reducing the serious of their relationships because of the need to be more flexible regarding needs, timing, etc. Other cited the emotional and mental toll pain takes on us all. Family – especially in-laws – tend to put unneeded pressure on our relationships.

Analogies can help us explain or relate to others. This is a part of why The Spoon Theory is popular.

Q3: What are some ways your loved ones (partners, family, etc) help with your pain?

Understanding. Helping us get to/from appointments and errands. Staying with us or hanging out, especially during flare-ups.

Q4: What are some things you wish loved ones would do to help? Is there a way to be more helpful? 

Calling when someone is at a store or running errands to see if we need/want anything. Bringing by take-out and spending time with us when we’re unwell is a huge help. Cook! Pick up prescriptions.

Q5: If you could help your loved ones understand only ONE of your symptoms, which would you pick & why? 

Fatigue/exhaustion was definitely the top answer. Unpredictability of illness issues was another high one. It would be nice if others could understand a little more what it is like to have to adopt certain mentalities/ways of thinking because of our illnesses.

Q6: What are you doing with loved ones over the next week to have fun?

What are some of your answers to these questions? Do you agree with fatigue/exhaustion being the top answer for question five?

Have a great week!

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