Chat Updates & Schedule Thru Dec 2017

on left, a dark grey text box with yellow text "chat Updates & Schedule Thru Dec 2017" and white text "Chronic Sex" | on right, a femme sits cross-legged on a bed while typing on a laptop

I’m canceling our chat tonight for a fun reason – women’s hockey!

This got me thinking, though. Between traveling and special events, our schedule changes a little for the rest of the year. The following are days I’m hoping to hold our chat:


  • 5
  • 12 (World Arthritis Day, so expect a topic around that!)
  • 19
  • 26


  • 2
  • 16
  • 30


  • 7
  • 14
  • 21
  • 28

I may cancel these as needed for health stuff. When in doubt, check our Twitter hashtag #chronicsex.

Our chats are usually around one hour and are held on Twitter. Start time is 8 pm Eastern – 7 Central – 6 Mountain – 5 Pacific. If you’re in another time zone, check the time zone converter.

As those of you who have been following chat for a while know, I was hoping to have a second time to be more accommodating to those outside North America. I’m struggling enough with my health right now that this isn’t an option. However, one thing I’ve done to make our chat a little more accessible is alter how I ask questions.

Instead of focusing only on open-ended questions, I’m asking questions using polls (when it fits). This means that anyone can answer the question anonymously via poll for 24 hours after the question is posted. This helps people who are in different time zones, unable to make chat times for other reasons, and those who need to be more anonymous but would like to participate in the chat. You can still answer open-endedly or expand on your poll answer if you like.

I’m also hoping to get the podcast going again soon. If you have a topic you’d like to hear about, whether for chat or a podcast episode, please let me know!

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