Ways to Contribute to Wildfire Relief

a photo of two firefighters dressed up and using a fire hose to combat a large wildfire; a white box surrounds white text "Ways to Contribute to Wildfire Relief"

With hurricanes and earthquakes hitting parts of our world, many aren’t aware of the dangerous wildfires in the US. Currently, fires are ravaging Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado. You can get daily updates here.

I grew up in Oregon and have family all along the west coast and northwest. It’s scary to see what these fires are doing, especially with the lack of rain. Thankfully, it’s rained a bit over the last week or so. The fires rage on, though.

If you can help, please check out the following organizations and crowdfunding projects:

There are additionally fires in Canada that affected First Nations tribes like Ashcroft earlier this year.

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