Life Effects from Slate

Life Effects from Slate

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Back in November, I posted across social media that I was doing something super cool. I didn’t want to spill the beans, though, so I kept it under wraps.

Kirsten in a recording studio wearing a grey top and black over ear headphones; she's making a surprised face next to a microphone with buffer

Now I can share!

Slate (yes, that Slate) has a new podcast called Life Effects. Hosted by Nikki Webber Allen, this podcast talks about the experiences of people with depression. I’m on a couple episodes discussing triggers and technology’s effects on depression – good and bad.

As a heads up, during the triggers episode, I talk about or at least mention the following potential triggers: abuse, child abuse, self-harm, and the process of what it’s like to have my PTSD triggered.

Anyway, go take a listen.


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