SheVibe’s Love Yourself Sale

SheVibe’s Love Yourself Sale

photo of a blonde femme looking down with a teal overlay with white text: "SheVibe's Love Yourself Sale" and "Chronic Sex"

SheVibe makes your Valentine’s Day shopping easy! They’ve got a great selection of gear and an awesome sale running now through the 16th!

All these discounts apply to your cart at checkout (if applicable, obvi):

  • 20% off Crave products
  • 15% off gear from Pleasure Works
  • 10% off the whole line of Womanizer products
  • 10% off the cutest dildos from Split Peaches
  • 10% off the beautiful toys from Blush Novelties

Cool, right? You can save all that until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the 16th.

Don’t hesitate – take advantage of this sale today!

Vibrant Birthday Sale: 30% Off

Vibrant Birthday Sale: 30% Off

photo of a black femme with text detailing the sale as below

Our friends at Vibrant are celebrating their first birthday!

You can save 30% off their birthday collection today only. That means you have until 11:59 PM Mountain Time to save.

Not enthused by what you see there? You can save 45% off the Ola Vibrator using VIP45.

You can always save 10% with the code CHRONICSEX. This is not applicable for use with other coupon codes, though.

Remember, all proceeds from shopping at Vibrant go to the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Happy shopping!

Badass Sales from Vibrant

It’s no secret that Vibrant is one of my favorite shops.

Here are some of their current sales you should definitely check out.

If you spend $80+ Vibrant will send you a free Broad City bullet vibrator! You don’t need a code for this one, but here’s a link to their more expensive toys.

Right now, you can also save 15% off select We-Vibe toys. Again, you don’t need a code.

The two offers above are only available until 11:59 pm Mountain Time on August 29th.

You can also snag 45% off the Ola Vibrator through Vibrant right now using the code VIP45.

Or, you can save 30% off on over 200 items from August 30th to 11:59 pm MT on September 4th. Just be sure to use the code LABORDAY to save.

If none of those are your jam, you always can save 10% using CHRONICSEX. This is not applicable with other coupon code needing offers, though.

You always get free shipping on orders over $50 at Vibrant, and all proceeds go to the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Your money does double duty, contributing to a good cause while helping you enjoy yourself.

Delightful Cycle

I’ve known Alex since high school. Oddly enough, she’s one of those friends that I feel closer to now from 2,000 miles away than I did when we saw each other every single day. A lot of that has to do with the shared experience of rough health stuff. One of the best things about shitty health (maybe the only thing?) is how it inspires a lot of us to do what we do – especially Alex. She and her sister Jenny recently launched Delightful Cycle and I knew it was something I wanted Alex to be able to share that with you here.

Delightful Cycle – The Beginning.

When Kirsten reached out to me, as a wonderfully supportive, excited friend, I didn’t exactly know how to put everything into words, particularly a sincere gratitude to our warrior advocate. Undoubtedly, you know what I’m talking about. This girl is an inspiration, traveling across the country, speaking up for those whose voices fall on deaf ears, blogging her way to fame. She has earmarked a rather intimidating section of the internet; combatting trolls, ableists, and general sexists to make sure that we have a voice… Not to mention the daily betrayals of her own body, which she naturally takes into stride.

I’m going to be frank; we started this Delightful Cycle for her. For you.

When we founded the company, my sister and I both suffered from chronic conditions. Myself, I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Trigeminal Neuralgia. My sister has Crohn’s Disease. We know what it means to count your spoons. We also know that life unforgivingly doesn’t stop, even when your spoons are gone. I can’t always make the trip to the grocery store. I can’t always get my bath drawn. Jennifer knows that if she wants any sense of normalcy, she has to stay away from her triggers.

But, Aunt Flo does not give a shit about that. She comes anyway. During her weekly stay, I struggle to find the spoons necessary to keep my head on straight. I can’t tell you how many times I have had her arrive and found myself not only surprised completely by her arrival but with only maybe 2 tampons from last month’s stock. Not good.

When Jenny and I were in research stages, we met with women from all over to hear about their experiences. We were not alone. You are not alone. The responsibilities that we shoulder can be tremendously stressful, exhausting, and they deplete our resources.

Our mission is to be that reminder to practice self-care. We want you to take all the time in the world in your bubble bath, and enjoy some moisturizing bath bombs. Delightful Cycle is a discrete delivery service, customizing each and every kit we send to our clients to include their favorite brands of feminine products, their favorite snack items, and some luxury goodies. We offer free shipping with every kit we send within the US and Canada.

We offer three different kits because let’s face it: no period is the same, amirite?

  • A Lady’s Lite Kit Here’s the quickest, and simplest option for our ladies: A Lady’s Lite Kit. Let us know what brand of tampon or pad is your favorite, and we will make sure you never have to make that run to the store again. Every month will include more than enough feminine care, 3 surprise items, and a snack to satisfy those cravings.
  • Go With the Flow Kit – this kit includes everything you might possibly need for when Aunt Flo comes knocking. We want to have you ready with all the supplies to make her stay as luxurious and comfortable as possible. More than just a tampon/chocolate subscription, every month will feature a few luxury items that will pamper you, as we aim to be a gentle reminder to practice some much-needed self-care. Try it today, and you’ll receive an email shortly, so we can build the perfect box for you. Your box will have your favorite brands, favorite snacks, and a few surprise goodies each month. $40 retail value, you only pay $19.95, with free shipping!
  • Pamper Me OrganicallyOur all natural and organic supplies aren’t just appeasing to Mother Nature, but also to anyone with sensitive skin. Chlorine-free organic tampons, vegan makeup, delicious organic tasty delights. Let us pamper you with all natural, completely organic luxury goods. We want to make you feel loved during that time of the month. Every month we will feature different amazing products to help you feel better than normal, all packed up in our recycled packing material and boxes.

And guess what? Use code 20OFF and you’ll save 20% on your order!

Make sure to visit Delightful Cycle and their awesome social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – for more information. You can support Delightful Cycle in their new Indiegogo campaign!