Don’t Miss the Empowered Trans Woman Summit!

The Empowered Trans Woman Summit starts TODAY!

That’s right! From today through October 15th, the Empowered Tran Woman Summit will have interviews and live sessions to check out. Speakers include Janet Hardy, Dara Hoffman-Fox, Jamie O’Herlilly, Lyle Cook, and others. Check out the agenda!

Don’t miss out. You can access summit sessions FOR FREE!

If you’re a trans man, an Empowered Trans Man Summit is in the works for early 2018.

Photo with trans flag hanging on right side; left side has a blue text box with white line around the outside and black text "Are you trans, nonbinary, or otherwise non-cisgender? Are you 18+ and living in the USA? Click here to try out and provide feedback about an affirming resource aimed at improving wellbeing for trans people! The research study is anonymous and will take 30-45 minutes. You will have a chance to be entered into a lottery for one of five $50 incentives, either as an Amazon Gift Card or donation to Trans Lifeline, your choice!"; bottom righthand corner has black text as well ""

Trans Wellness Study

Caitlin Merrill from the University of California-Santa Barbara is conducting a study around an internet-based intervention to improve the psychological well-being of trans peeps. You will be asked to complete a series of online activities, answer questions about wellbeing, including questions about distress and drug and alcohol use, and provide demographic information. Activities may include […]

Dark background with a photo of a person laying down holding their legs at the knees; legs are crossed obstructing the view of the bum; white text states "chronic sex" and below "Am I *really* trans instead of cis? A discussion of my journey with gender identity"

Am I *really* trans instead of cis?

TW: sexual assault/abuse, gender dysphoria. This originally appeared on our Medium page. I have struggled with my gender for all of my life. As a pre-teen, I was very much a tomboy and began to wonder what I would look like as a male. I would dress up in my uncle’s clothing to see how […]