My Favorite Things of 2017

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It’s been a bit of a shit year, hasn’t it? The only thing that’s saved it, for me, is that I’m motivated to keep fighting the bullshit constantly coming down the pike. Taking everything into account, these are my favorite things from 2017.

Goods, Services, and Experiences

Delightful Cycle
My high school pal Alex’s company Delightful Cycle really took off this year. In this guest post, she highlights why she chose to start a menstruation-related subscription box – and her own struggles with health issues. Since then, she’s started shipping internationally! If I still had regular periods, you best believe I’d sign up.

Caragold Premium Lube
I have to say I’m pretty bummed. I love this CBD-infused lube from Good Clean Love… but they seem to not be making it anymore. It’s sold out on a lot of sites now, too. I’ve tried to look to see why, but haven’t found any answers. If you search, you can still find this in some stores, but it’s not easy to find. It’s a shame because this lube is very helpful for pain related to sex.

One of my favorite things about attending conferences this year was learning more about BDSM/kink and having the opportunity to try some things out. The biggest benefit I saw? My year-long fibromyalgia flare stopped after trying flogging. Really. Whenever my fibro acts up, I take out my flogger and practice some self-flagellation and I’m good within a few hours.

#MeToo (kinda?)
There are problems with the MeToo movement as practiced right now, especially because so much of the focus is on famous white cishet women. I’m grateful that conversations are happening around sexual violence, but also upset at the lack of intersectionality within them… and how people who support survivors as a whole question individual stories.

Because of the prevalence of MeToo and discussions about harassment and sexual violence, Talkspace decided to give away three months of free therapy to survivors. I’m lucky enough to be one of the recipients and it’s been a life-changer. I still skirt around issues because I’m great at that, but being able to text my therapist? Amazing!

Doxy Massager and Queen Bee
My two favorite sex toys this year are the Doxy Massager and Queen Bee. Both of these are easy to use, provide amazing vibrations, and can also be super effective general body massagers. There’s a reason why my neck pain isn’t as bad as it was earlier this year, and these toys are certainly a part of it.

University of Guelph Sexuality Conference
I had such an amazing time at the Guelph Sexuality Conference this year. It was the first sexuality conference I’ve attended and it was the best. The research presented was so affirming to the work I do. The companies there talking with people – like Come As You Are – were the most fun to talk to. On top of that, I got to meet some of my absolute favorites like Eva of What’s My Body Doing. Plus, come on, it’s in Canada!

Planet Fitness
I was on the fence about joining PF at first. After taking the tour of the local one, though, I really liked it. There’s no pressure like I’ve felt at other gyms. I’ve gone from only doing physical therapy exercises at home to working out 4-6 times a week. It’s so easy to go, give it my all, and leave.

Bloggers, Writing, and Research

KLB Research
Dr. Karen Blair conducts a lot of research about sexuality. As a college student, Blair was unable to find queer-inclusive research – so now that’s her focus. So many studies are cisheteronormative, so it’s refreshing to see someone addressing the needs of the LGBT+ community.

Formidable Femme
Sarah is one of my favorite people. She talks very openly about being an abuse survivor, pleasure as resistance, mental health, and more. These are conversations that we have to be having.

It’s no secret that Rachael is one of my favorite people on this earth. Hell, we’re business partners! She talks openly about how difficult it is to live with chronic illnesses that affect her sex life. Vulva pain can be incredibly alarming and she handles it so well.

JoEllen Notte
JoEllen is one of the first sex bloggers I ever met. I got to go to dinner with her, Stella Harris, and Kate Kenfield in Portland last year and just couldn’t believe this is my life. Every time I see her, JoEllen brings warmth and frankness to discussions of introversion, sex, and depression.

Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life 
Elle Chase‘s latest book is one of the best I’ve ever read. One of the things I love the most is that she goes through basic sex education information, accessibility, and more. It’s really a one-stop-shop for knowledge we should all have, regardless of our curves. Check out my review.

Patients & Providers
Micah and my friend Charlie started curating a series of posts on health care and transgender/gender nonconforming people called Transgender Health: Patients & Providers. It’s been a great read! Topics covered so far include gender in research, finding trans-friendly providers, mental health, and more.


Look, I love all my affiliates. I really do. Still, there are some I would jump through any hoop for.

I just added Amazon as an affiliate, so I’m not sure how things will go. That said, I’m really excited to bring you the collection of my favorite things.

It’s no secret that Vibrant is my absolute favorite. On top of providing amazing information and education, they only sell body-safe toys. They also donate all their proceeds to the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, a cause near and dear to my heart. I volunteered with PP in Oregon when I was a high schooler and have been a big supporter of theirs ever since.

Liberty Lotion
I haven’t posted a review of Liberty Lotion products here but have at Not Standing Still’s Disease. Their products are incredible for pain relief. Their CBD lotion smells amazing and provides a calming and cooling comfort. Their tincture is good, too. I need to try more of their stuff!

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